At T-Mac’s Auto Detailing we specialize in providing quality cleaning and finishing services. It’s that very reason that we use only the finest quality “Poorboy’s” polishing and detailing products for our services. From our car shampoo to wheel cleaners…polishes to waxes, your car will be treated to some of the finest detailing products on the market that will give your ride an incredible, long lasting shine that’s sure to get you noticed.

We offer three types of Poorboy’s wax to provide your car with UV and environmental protection:

Natty’s White is a very unique Carnauba wax that provides amazing clarity to any color, as well as protection from UV and the environment.
Natty’s Blue is made for dark colored cars to give an extra boost in depth and shine.
Natty’s Red is a special formula made to enhance any color finish with depth, gloss, wetness, and slickness that is not seen in any other wax.


Just look at that surface shine!